Smooth Finish Light Roast 5 LB

Smooth Finish Light Roast 5 LB

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You’re in the last leg of the race and running strong, coming home to a smooth finish as you take the gold. Why settle for 2nd best? SMOOTH FINISH is the real winner, bringing you a lightly toasted grain taste with accentuated acidity, allowing you to experience the origin flavor of the bean, all the way from Central and South America.

✔️100% Arabica Beans

✔️Light Roast

SMOOTH FINISH is a light roast blend and will give you the kick to energize your day all the way from start to finish. Contains 5 lbs of coffee in each bag.

Coffee in Bulk

Drink tons of coffee? Perhaps have a large family or in an office setting? Five pound bags are the perfect way to go.

A five pound bag makes around 200 cups. That’s a month’s supply for 4 people that drink 1-2 cups per day.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 200 reviews
Not bad, very mild

Not bad, but very mild. I think it would be good in an afternoon cold brew, but I prefer something a tad bit darker.

We love your coffee!!!

We bought the beans in regular and decaf. We can mix to our own liking. The flavor and smell of brewing coffee is fantastic!. Thank you for your great coffee and also the varieties that you have.

Lars Torkelson
Very smooth

A perfectly smooth coffee to start my day! One of my first purchases from Blackout Coffee and I reordered it. I’m 100% sure that I will get it in time before my current bag runs out because of how fast they we were to respond and ship my first order.

aliaksei kavaleuski

Smooth Finish Coffee

Bryan Coburn

Excellent 👍 medium light roast you all did a superbe job! This is one of my favorites.

Daniel Redding

Great but for some reason I keep ordering grinds instead of whole bean. Obviously this is a |me| issue

Ryan Henderson
Smooth finish

Great coffee and great American business.

Leasi Carby Carby
smooth finish

great taste. smooth as silk.

Steve from MN
Great coffee, great service!

Shipping was very fast and the coffee tastes fantastic!