Wholesale Coffee


We Drink What We Roast: Meticulously Roasted Coffee!

Simply put, the best coffee is fresh; freshly roasted, freshly brewed, and we roast the best possible beans.

America's Best Small Batch Coffee

We strive to source only the best coffee beans working directly with farmers around the world [Direct Trade]. We adopt a strict adherence of small batch roasting our coffee to provide consistent freshly roasted coffee with an exceptional taste.

our mission

Our mission is not to just get "another account", but to form relationships with those who want to serve a product that is crafted in the hands of a small team that cares about the quality and consistency of every roast. 

some of our partners

Blackout Coffee’s wholesale coffee program is ideal for quality gun shops, police stations, fire houses, medical facilities, military, bakeries, restaurants, cafes, hotels, grocers, churches, breweries, caterers and corporate clients.

We are proud to partner with businesses of varying sizes across the country who share our views and our passion for specialty coffee.

What makes Blackout coffee different from other sources?

Because we are a family Business, we strive to provide the best customer service in the Coffee Industry across the USA, that is why our clients stay with us:

- Guaranteed fresh roasted coffee supply consistently (if not fresh, you can return)

- Providing over 30 exotic flavors plus we introducing new flavors on a monthly basis

- Dedicated Customer Success Service

- Fast shipping and handling

- Competitive pricing


Looking to introduce a new and exciting coffee brand to your customers/employees? We offer amazing looking retail packaging and floor unit displays.


The minimum wholesale order is $500

We usually ship within 1-3 business days and shipping it self can take up to 5 business days.

We make available to wholesale customers whole bean and ground in retail 12 oz bags as well in 5 lb bulk bags. Single serve coffee pods are also available for wholesale customers.

For orders below $500 we do offer 5 lb bags that you can purchase as a one time or recurring. Please click here to view the selection.

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