Who We Are

Blackout Coffee Co.

We pride ourselves as an American family owned and operated coffee roasting company that delivers right to your doorstep small batch freshly roasted coffee that lets you Stay On Your Grind all day and everyday. Blackout Coffee was created for all our fellow American warriors who work hard, play hard and never stop. We don’t just have a passion for making coffee with an exciting but unique taste; we are also proud of what we do. We want you to enjoy a badass cup of coffee, knowing that all of our coffee beans are responsibly sourced.

American Pride

As proud supporters of our troops, we created Operation Blackout. For every bag of coffee you purchase on our website we donate two cups of coffee, which gives you, our honorable customer, an opportunity to give back to our deployed troops as a way of saying, “Thank You” to all our service men and women.

Our Mission

To provide America with the highest-quality, best tasting and most impressive cup of coffee that lets you Stay On Your Grind all day and everyday!

Our Processes

We adopt a strict adherence of small batch roasting our coffee to provide you with freshly roasted coffee. This is in consideration with the origin and goal of our company. This process is why we are consistent in providing you with coffee that provides an exceptional taste.

Our Motto

“Stay On Your Grind” It’s simply a coffee that never fails you even if every other thing isn’t working. Blackout Coffee is strategically positioned to deliver America a coffee that brings everything back to life.

We greatly appreciate those who have become customers and part of our Blackout Coffee family. We want to thank you for your loyalty and continued support of our mission.

Big thanks to you!
- John Santos, founder & ceo.