Pitch Black Espresso 5 LB

Pitch Black Espresso 5 LB

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In the dead of night a power surge erupts, manifesting a 100% total blackout. Though fear is not your enemy this night fore you are armed with PITCH BLACK ESPRESSO, our gourmet roast, known to ignite the power within one’s spirit and drive you through the toughest of black ops missions.
BLACKOUT COFFEE COMPANY will leave no man or woman behind. You can count on us to always have your back, no matter the mission, no matter the late night hour.

✔️100% Arabica Beans

✔️Extra Dark Roast

✔️Cuban Espresso

PITCH BLACK ESPRESSO is a strong dark roast blend, with a bold character that will allow you to STAY ON YOUR GRIND!!! It makes the perfect Cuban Coffee aka Cafecito. Contains 5 lbs of coffee in each bag.

Coffee in Bulk

Drink tons of coffee? Perhaps have a large family or in an office setting? Five pound bags are the perfect way to go.

A five pound bag makes around 200 cups. That’s a month’s supply for 4 people that drink 1-2 cups per day.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 282 reviews
Christine Dumm
Blackout Coffee Pitch Black High on Caffeine High on Flavor

This coffee is dark and rich without being bitter. I love it.

Arnold Lausevich
Not Bold

Wanted a rich bold taste. Increased the amount to no avail.

Just falls short of what i expected.

Bob Smentkowski
Excellent Dark Roast

Strong, full coffee flavor & aroma with no bitterness. The only flavor detected is coffee; no other aromas or tastes that some brands add.

Nathan Pledger
Pitch Black awesomeness!

Excellent as always! Thank you for consistent quality and service.

Rhonda Davidson

Pitch Black Espresso Coffee

Just amazing

We love your espresso and all your coffees . The espresso though is the best coffee we have ever had ( and we are pretty much obsessed with really good coffee ). Thank you so much , we share with whoever will listen ;).

Jackye Bowen
Great Expresso

I use this coffee to make expresso for my husband. It's his favorite coffee by far. The beans are richly toasted and grind easily. Great flavor is the result.

Fref Stanton III
Pitch Black Espresso

This coffee is excellent no bitter aftertaste nice flavor will order more

Colin Caplinger

Pitch Black Espresso Coffee