Brewtal Awakening Dark Roast 5 LB

Brewtal Awakening Dark Roast 5 LB

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BREWTAL AWAKENING is our strongest coffee, in fact, it is currently the strongest coffee on the planet. This very special blend is crafted by our skilled roasters to produce a bold, full flavored cup of coffee that is naturally loaded with massive amounts of caffeine and antioxidants. 

✔️Brewtally Strong Coffee 💀Highly Caffeinated 💀

✔️Dark Roast Coffee

✔️100% Natural (no synthetic caffeine here!)

This blend pulls from the flavor arsenal of exotic coffee origins to provide you a well balanced and energized cup every morning. Contains 5 lbs of coffee in each bag.

Coffee in Bulk

Drink tons of coffee? Perhaps have a large family or in an office setting? Five pound bags are the perfect way to go.

A five pound bag makes around 200 cups. That’s a month’s supply for 4 people that drink 1-2 cups per day.

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Customer Reviews

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Michael Campbell


Danny Landry/Nantahala Gear Co
Wonderful Christmas Gift

The coffees I purchased were for my son’s family during the Christmas season. They just loved having the variety I sent. Every day was a new adventure for their taste buds. They also introduced the various blends to other friends & family. It was a great choice to send them something so special that they all could enjoy.

K. Holland
Brewtal Awakening

Never had been a dark roast person, but this is some good stuff. I really enjoy this coffee. Rich and smooth. I would and have recommended it.

Jon Menzies
It's so good!

Seems like I just ordered it and we already finished it! Dang good stuff!

kathryn Speights

A excellent dark roast full favored coffee. Not at all bitter like some brands get when roasting dark.

Thomas F.
Came to help 2A organizations stayed fir the coffee

I've tried many different brands of coffee but most of the brands were bitter or had a burnt flavor. Blackout coffee Brewtal Awakening is strong without the bitterness found with other coffee. As an added benefit they actually support the military and organizations fighting for our rights.

Thomas Bock
Great Cup of Coffee

I’ve been drinking Brewtal Awakening Coffee every morning for a few months now and have enjoyed every cup. I have also tried other coffees Blackout Coffee sells like the 1776 dark roast & the 2A Coffee. My girlfriend likes the 2A Coffee Pods as well. Great flavor & service by Blackout Coffee, highly recommend giving it a try.

Robert Donaldson
It's HOT

Its not for the weak :-)

Primo Giusti
Great Product!

An excellent Dark Roast