Smooth Finish Coffee

You’re in the last leg of the race and running strong, coming home to a smooth finish as you take the gold. Why settle for 2nd best? SMOOTH FINISH is the real winner, bringing you a lightly toasted grain taste with accentuated acidity, allowing you to experience the origin flavor of the bean, all the way from Central and South America.

✔️100% Arabica Beans

✔️Light Roast

SMOOTH FINISH is a light roast blend and will give you the kick to energize your day all the way from start to finish. Contains 12 oz of coffee in each bag.

Customer Reviews

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Gary Nemec
Great coffee

Love the light roast, tons of flavor.

Thomas Kingsbury

This is my second review and so far Blackout still exceeds expectations when it comes to flavor delivery and price. which is quite reasonable considering their service. Smooth Finish is great at the beginning of the day or in the middle.I have the medium roast so it is not too strong and not wimpy either and as usual it tastes really good. I am not a big picture taker so imagine a great big smile with each sip or drink. I order by their subscription service and they work with me as the consumption rate varies and the ship accordingly which is great. I get 4 of their blends from medium to dark roast and everyone is as good a coffee drinking experience as it gets. I am relatively new to Blackout and plan on being a long time customer. Thank you Blackout Coffee.

Sylvia Maresca
Smooth Finish, Smooth coffee

Curious about this coffee, I drank it first, before my regular Reaper. The coffee was not as acidic as others,which is good because acidic coffee upsets my stomach. Instead of a caffeine blast, I noticed it was gradual , something I appreciated first thing in the morning. I'll be ordering both coffees inthe future. Thanks, you guys and gals are great.

Jessica Breuklander

Great tasting Coffee and no hidden agendas!! Pro 2A!!!

Patsy Danovsky
Great mild coffee

Nice and smooth

Paul Boissonneau
Smooth finish

Like it says… smooth. A good brew if you’re in the mood for a kick either hot or cold! I particularly like it in the afternoon.

Anthony LaRosa

Smooth Finish Coffee

Damian Holley
Great Coffee!

I have been drinking this coffee for a few months now and it's great. I use it for drip coffee, french press, aeropress and cowboy coffee over the camp fire. No matter which way you prepare it it maintains a good smoothe flavor. I like strong coffee and an extra scoop makes it perfect! Used to drink Black Rifle but this is my new coffee company. Plus American made!! Only downside is price, but that's the trade off for American made products and iny always willing to pay for quality.

Ryan Miller
Start to finish

This coffee no only has a smooth finish, but it's a great start to my morning. Very fresh and flavorful.