You know you've got coffee on the brain when...

Two more bags of freshly roasted coffee arrived today, lifting the total number of varieties I have on hand currently to 7.* Not bad! A little excessive, sure, but quite fun. Which brings me to the subject of this post, namely signs that you (or I) might have coffee on the brain. Though some of these could be construed as borderline funny, I assure you I haven't taken any creative license here. It's non-fiction, y'all! Fair warning: I might end up on the short side with this post, but I'll add to it from my own experience (and yours if you're willing to share) before long.

So, without further ado, you know you've got coffee on the brain when...

1) start blooming things that aren't coffee. Like oatmeal.

2) find ways to justify your oatmeal bloom to puzzled onlookers in your immediate family. 

3) of the first things you think of upon learning that family members or friends will be traveling is what sorts of beans they could bring back for you. Extra bonus points if the length of their trip factors into whether or not you actually ask them to hook you up (freshness, etc.).

4) ...your Twitter and/or Facebook feeds are laden with coffee-related announcements, and this doesn't bother you.

5) frequent enough sites focusing on coffee to immediately recognize cross-posted info.

6) consider watching other people make coffee competitively.

Care to contribute? ;)

* For the curious: Brown's Finca Vista Hermosa Edlina micro-lot (washed), Barefoot’s Finca Vista Hermosa Edlyna micro-lot (pulped natural), AJ's Finca Santa Clara, Klatch's FT Rwanda Café Femenino, Portola’s Roney Diaz Villela, Revel’s Ethiopian Yirgacheffe ECX Top Lot, and Reunion Island’s Tanzania Ngoro Ngoro. I’m not going to order that additional splurge I mentioned recently until next week, as the cupboard is literally full.

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