Would You Give Up Your Coffee?

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Just how important is your coffee to you? Recently, Time Warner Cable asked 1,000 of its NYC subscribers about which things they'd be willing to give up forever. Their results included a finding that may surprise real coffee lovers everywhere: more people would be willing to give up their coffee than to give up their high-speed internet access.

According to the study, which was divided among the five boroughs, 25 percent of their surveyed subscribers would be willing to give up their morning coffee, while only 9 percent would be willing to give up their high speed internet access. The only "essential" that scored higher than internet access was a morning shower. Less than 2 percent were willing to forgo their morning shower.

Of course, this isn't the first time that coffee has come in second to other important things in life. In a survey done by Telenav last August, surveyors asked people if they'd be willing to give up certain things for a week in order to keep their cell phones. They found that 21 percent would rather spend the week without shoes than give up their cell phones for a week, 33 percent would rather give up sex for a week than put the cell phones down but a full 55 percent would rather go a week without coffee than go a weeek without their cell phones. There were a few things higher on the list -- 70 percent of cell phone users would rather go a week without alcohol than a week without a cell phone and 63 percent were willing to give up chocolate to keep talking.

How about youth? Would you give up coffee forever if you could have a sip of water from the Fountain of Youth? Back in 2004, a group called Body Confident surveyed 1,000 adults and asked them what they'd be willing to give up in return for the promise of eternal youth. Not too surprisingly, about 50 percent of  adults ages 18 to 64 overwhelmingly refused to give up sex in  return for eternal youth. For adults over 65, though, the sticking point was coffee.  Nearly one in five seniors would rather have their daily coffee than give up coffee and get to be young again -- forever.

How about makeup? Last spring, L'Bel, an up and coming direct sales cosmetics company, reported that the women they surveyed were more willing to give up chocolate, sex or coffee than they were to hand over their favorite lipstick or blusher. Or cars -- in a 2010 study, 14 percent of Canadians would dump their coffee before they'd give up their cars.And in another Canadian study, surveyors asked people which of the following they'd be willing to give up: sex, alcohol, coffee, phones, television and their automobiles. Twenty-four percent picked coffee over the rest of those. Only 2 percent were willing to give up their internet.

What about you? What would it take to get you to give up your coffee for a month? 

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