Who wants a Baratza Encore?

No, I’m not giving one away—sorry to disappoint! I mean who would order one (for yourself or as a gift for someone else) if the Encore were to become available on ROASTe? Baratza’s Maestro Plus was fairly well-reviewed in the past. Its replacement has an upgraded burr set and the new gearbox. Seems very attractive for brewed and even the newly espresso-curious as a top-notch starter burr grinder.

- Baratza’s product listing for the Encore

- Prima’s listing (comprehensive, as usual—love this vendor)

- Early review posts here and here

There are two reasons this relatively new, low-end grinder (“low” as in price, at ~$129) isn’t yet part of the Baratza line-up here, as far as I can tell: (a) limited availability through Baratza and (b) apparent lack of demand on the part of ROASTe customers.

About (a), I have it on very good authority that the Encores Baratza brings in sell out (to a mix of retailers and customers, I’m assuming) pretty much as soon as they arrive. Production is being increased, though. At some point before long (later this month?) I’ve been told there should be enough Encores in stock in WA for Baratza to allow drop-ship orders.

However, turning to (b), ROASTe likely needs some overt signs of affection for (or at least interest in) the Encore from us and others before a listing will be created once the time is right in terms of supply.

So, what say you? For the record, I’d buy at least one of these as a gift for a family member right away if I were able to through ROASTe. Several, in all likelihood. To me it’s still unclear how the Encore’s grind compares to, say, the Virtuoso 586’s, but Baratza’s reputation and customer service make me confident that any such purchase would be low-risk.

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