White Chocolate Iced Coffee

Have a sweet tooth? Mix in white chocolate with espresso to produce a sweet, frozen drink.


  • 4 C mixture of Ghirardelli white chocolate cocoa powder and 2% hot milk
  • Fresh brewed espresso, cooled



  1. Make cocoa and cool in fridge overnight
  2. Place coffee mugs in freezer
  3. Brew espresso and cool about 45 minutes
  4. Combine espresso and cocoa into the chilled mugs

Suggestion: The key to this iced coffee is all in the preparation. No watering it down with ice, using a high quality white chocolate, very fresh 2% milk and pre-freezing the mugs to keep it cold all the way down to the last swallow. Proof that gourmet coffee can still be a rich, creamy and satisfying treat and also non-fattening.

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