What would comprise the ultimate home coffee cart?

What would comprise the ultimate home coffee cart? (or at least a functional one).

This is what has been on my mind lately – I want a coffee cart at home.  This is not just because I want a cart, but also because my wife is kicking me out of the kitchen.  Well, she is not kicking me out of the kitchen per se, but she wants my coffee gear out so she has more space for everything else.  

She is right.  There is not enough space for all my gear and for chopping, kitchen appliances, etc.

The result is that I am trying to figure out what the ultimate cart would entail.  I went looking at some of the cheap offerings out there, and there are some carts that you can get for less than the wood would cost to build one.  I did not really love any of the ultra cheap ones, though.  They were just that.  Too flimsy and cheap.  

I have scoured the pages of craigslist, etc as much as possible and figured that the prefect cart is probably out there and available cheap if I could just connect with it, but alas that has not happened either.  There have been a few reasonably priced carts, but they were not the right size.  I have space for a 2 foot by 4 foot table roughly.  Obviously a coffee cart could be smaller than this, too, but I figure a little extra space never hurt anyone.

I have tried to figure out what I want in a cart if I am the one building it.  I think a cabinet would be nice for big things like a water tank if I ever wanted to plumb in with something like a flojet, a cabinet for a mini shop vac would be amazing allowing easy clean up of stray grinds.  

A top of something that cleans up well – stainless, granite, corrian all might work (hopefully a remnant from a local store that installed counters for someone and had an inexpensive but nice piece left over).

A drawer for things like portafilters, scales, baskets, etc.  I think it should probably have some depth for tall items like tampers, but not too much depth since most things I would put in there would not be higher than a tamper.

I think I want to put in a hidden surge protector/power stirp and have holes for cords to pass in and out.

What else would you include if you could build it the way you wanted?

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