What is your ideal coffee shop?

What is your ideal coffee shop?

My ideal coffee shop would be a small, high turnover cafe that produces the best coffee possible at reasonable prices. This is just an exercise in fantasy, but I'd like to hear about what people would like to see in their ideal coffee shop. It can be the shop that you would like to own and operate, or the shop that you would patronize.

Interior: The interior would be on the smaller side, have many windows, and the street side wall/windows would be able to fold back on nice days. There would be lots of wood and the cafe's focal point would be the bar. Seating and standing space would be optimized for quick visits, not for marathon laptop sessions.

Coffee: The cafe would have a small roaster. The roaster would be very fluid in bean selection. There would not be a flagship blend to maintain, instead, innovation and perfection would be the goal. The cafe would supplement their limited selection by using a wide variety of beans from the best roasters in the country. Customers would have a wide variety of beans available for all preparation methods.

Equipment: One state of the art espresso machine and one lever machine. Customers would be able to request the machine of their choice, or the barista can choose the machine best suited for bean. There would be many grinders to deal with the wide range of beans available for espresso or for drip. Drip would be prepared using pour over devices.

Would this shop be profitable? Probably not, but it would be awesome to be able to go into a cafe and have a professionally prepared shot using the best beans in the entire country, pulled on the best possible equipment available.

Oh, and it would have a jukebox.

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