What is the rub? Coffee, of course!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Also known as  What is the rub?  Coffee, of course!

Today I am cooking dinner and finally got a moment for a break to rest.  Our dinner is inspired a little bit by one of the recipes on Roaste.  I decided to for the first time ever make a turducken for dinner.  

For those who have not heard of them before a turducken is a chicken inside a duck inside a turkey.  How can you do such a thing?  Carefully, of course.  First you cut the chicken open gently and debone it – taking out all of the bones.  For me this is fairly easy to do except I have no idea how one could debone wings, so I cut off the wings and threw them away.  I then repeated this with the duck.  I cut out all the bones again and threw away the wings.  For the turkey I decided to take out all the bones except in the wings and the legs, but left those alone.

I had never realized just how little meat there was on a duck.  After seeing that I decided I had to jettison as much skin as possible of both the chicken and duck without having it fall apart.  Your stuff the chicken and roll it back together.  You put a layer of stuffing on the duck, lay the chicken on it and roll it up around the chicken.  You then put a layer on the Turkey and roll the turkey up around the duck and chicken.  You skewer the turkey so that when flipped breast side up it looks like a normal turkey.  

On each layer I put on a coffee rub.  It was a simplified verion of this rub


It had salt, pepper, ground Paradise Nuevo, and some other seasonings.

To make sure that we get a sufficient coffee flare, we will also use some black coffee in the gravy.  

We will see how it goes and hopefully I’ll be able to upload a picture or two after it is done.  That will not be for a long time as it is cooking at a low temperature on the grill for about 8 hours.

The fun thing is that you bring the “turkey” to the table and slice right down the middle since there are no bones.  

I hope it works!


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