What I’m Drinking (Captain’s Cold Brew)

Ok after a hectic week at school I’m back to posting blogs, and it’s about time for another review post. This time I’m discussing a pre-brewed bottled coffee, Captain’s Cold Brew.

I have to admit, I was a little skeptical of cold brew. I tried a recipe a while back after listening to all the hype and it ended in disaster. The result was undrinkable. So when I saw Captain’s Coffee Brewers blog post, I said that I was really tempted to try it. I was curious if I had a bad recipe or if cold brew just wasn’t for me. A few days later Andrew Russo, president of the company, offered to send me a bottle for sampling. He made it clear that I didn’t have to even review it if I didn’t want to. How could I say no to that?

So that’s how I came into possession of this:

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The coffee comes in a huge 22oz corked glass bottle. I’ll definitely be repurposing this bottle after I finish the coffee simply because it’s too nice to throw away.

This coffee is designed to be enjoyed over ice, so this morning, instead of reaching for the Aeropress I reached for a cup and the bottle. I admit before doing so, I did take a couple of swigs directly from the bottle because I wanted to taste it black. The verdict: I had a bad recipe earlier, this stuff is very tasty. With the basic taste test done here’s how I made my drink this morning:

I heated 1/2 cup milk in the microwave just enough to dissolve 2 1/2 tablespoons of white chocolate powder. I poured eight ounces of the Captain’s Cold Brew over ice then added the white chocolate milk. The whole process took maybe 3 minutes and the result was much better than most coffee shop coffees I get.

I would definitely recommend this coffee to someone who wants a no muss/no fuss solution in the morning, it doesn’t get any easier than microwave/pour. If you’re like me and like to brew your own coffees I would still recommend this as a “backup” solution for the mornings you’re too rushed to make your own or as something to keep at work.

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