What I am drinking now – Velton’s Twilight blend.

What I am drinking now – Velton’s Twilight blend.  I was looking for a good dark roast for my wife as I often am.  She likes dark roasts and I like them fine although my favorite roasts tend to be medium to light roasts.  I had quite enjoyed Velton’s Bonsai blend and decided to ask what to try for a darker drip coffee and this was his suggestion.  

I am sure it is an accident that he is close to the place where Twilight the movies and book series are filmed, but perhaps that should be a marketing link up.  (No I would not have figured out this on my own, but it was the first thing my wife asked when she heard about it – and no, she is not in middle school, but she claims that grown women read the books and watch the movies and have their own name “Twi-moms”)  I guess if she will humor me with my coffee obsession it is the least I can do to not complain if she likes books and movies that I do not want to read or see.

Anyway, she pointed out that Eclipse gum put together an affiliation with the series so perhaps it is not so crazy?

More importantly the coffee is quite good.  It is a dark roast and probably darker than I would normally lean to, but it should be on the darker side given that I was looking explicitly for a darker roast.  

It is smooth and unlike many dark roasts not at all burnt tasting or bitter  It does not have the telltale overroasted oily bean sheen that makes me run away.  Not surprisingly as a dark roast it has hints of chocolate.  I would like to try it as an espresso, but have not had the chance to do so yet.  

This would be a great coffee for those looking to step up from Starbucks, who aren’t ready for the lightest roasts out there, but want something dramatically better than what you get in the usual café. It is a natural with milk as it can punch through it, but it does not need milk if you like dark roasts and like black coffee.

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