What I am drinking now - Paradise Nuevo Espresso

What I am drinking now - Paradise Nuevo Espresso

Paradise has always been one of my favorite roasters.  One of my favorites of their blends is the Classico and Nuevo is one of my wife’s favorites.  I recently ordered three blends from them and am working my way through them.

Nuevo is a little on the dark side, but it is hard to think of anyone who does dark blends as well as they do and it is not dark in the way that a French roast is dark, for example.  

When you drink the coffee you still get fruit and taste out of the coffee and can detect the nuances instead of just the roast.  I find it is best at lower temperatures than my average coffee – probably 198 or so is a fairly good target.

I especially like the Nuevo in a cappuccino.  I’ve been serving it up to my family and everyone is in agreement that it is excellent coffee (although I do not have any snobs in my family other than myself and to a lesser extent my wife.

I have tried it at weights around 17 grams in my double basket and 21 grams in my triple basket.  The latter had a more rounded taste.

Ironically I think the Nuevo should probably called classic, because it matches what most people view as a classic espresso taste – full of chocolates and great in milk, with a little fruit, but very little acidity – you can play with it quite a lot without getting a sour note and even at higher temperatures, in spite of the darker roast it still does not turn too bitter.

In other words this is an enjoyable blend for an experienced barista, but it is also an easy blend for a beginner or for someone with equipment that is not up for the cutting edge single origins roasted incredibly lightly.

Definitely a drink to try out for anyone and especially for milk drinkers.

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