What I am drinking now - Chazzano Papau New Guinea

I have a friend who lives in North Carolina, but is originally from Michigan and she was lamenting to me that she did not understand why every state had famous great roasters except she had never heard of any great coffee from Michigan.  I told her that I had seen a roaster on Roaste.com that got rave reviews from Michigan called Chazzano.  

I, however, did not know if I would like them or not since I did not know anyone who had actually tried their coffees myself.  I figured it is certainly a good sign, but sometimes products get good reviews, but they are not to my taste so you never know.

Today my friend swung by with a couple bags of their coffee that she ordered here.  In particular she  brought me some Papua New Guinea roast.  It has all kinds of praise here including 49 reviews and a rating of four and a half stars, organic beans, roast to order, single origin,…

On the other hand, on my old machine I did not always love single origin espressos and for that matter this coffee is not classified specifically as an espresso, which also tended to be a warning sign for me.  Finally, it is a “medium” roast, but it falls on the dark side of medium so I would not have ordered it.

I am glad my friend did not consult me.  This is a delightful coffee.  In spite of the slightly dark roast, there is still a floral and fruit side to it that comes through beautifully, but as one might expect there are also deep chocolate notes.  

As my friend said “this one has to go in the rotation.”  It is a winner.  Now I have only pulled two shots so far (four if you count the first two – a shot dialing it in that ran too slow and was dumped and a shot for my friend who brought the coffee), but I liked both plenty and coffee only gets better as you learn more about it almost never worse.  In other words if I hate a coffee when I first try it, it still may be great and I just missed the mark, but if I love it, it will rarely turn out that I later don’t like it.

Here are the specs of how I pulled it – 8 days post roast (because that was when it wandered into my house), 20 grams, 197-198 degrees (a little cooler than usual – something I learned between the darker roast and the first shot dialing it in).  

Looks like I may have to explore more of their coffees!

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