What I'm Drinking (Olympia Coffee Roasting - Costa Rica La Mirella "Honey")

This is the ninth post on the coffees I’m working my way through. Yeah, I know I just posted one yesterday, but I'm a bit behind. Hopefully I'll get caught up soon. Up this time is Olympia Coffee Roasting's Costa Rica La Mirella "Honey" Coffee.


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I like Olympia's coffee bags, they're valved and it looks like they change them based on the coffee blend they contain. Olympia’s description is “a deliciously sweet drink. Flavors of stone fruits, mint, citrus, and chocolate wafer fill the syrupy sweet cup.”


The beans were prepared using a burr grinder and brewed via Mypressi Twist V2. Decent amount of crema. Definitely on the sweet side. It is indeed very syrupy. The mint and fruit tastes see to be more pronounced than the others (probably due to the honey processing), maybe there's a bit of the chocolate wafer (not much though). Clean, pleasant aftertaste. Overall, a good espresso.

Aeropress (Mocha)

The beans were prepared using a burr grinder and brewed via Aeropress (with 2% milk/Ghirardelli White Chocolate Powder). A lot of the blends I've been trying here lately can't stand up to the flavor of milk. This one isn't much of an exception. Although the sweetness comes through (I had to back off on the white chocolate after the first one) most of the fruit and chocolate undertones disappear. The clean aftertaste is still there though and I think a bit of the mint shines through.


I liked this blend a lot. I really like Costa Rican coffee, and this is my first honey processed coffee. It's pretty easy to tell a big difference in taste (much more sweetness, much less bitter/acidity). This is one of the cleanest aftertastes I've gotten in a blend. I recommend it.

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