what I'm drinking now - Dolce

What I am drinking now Vivace Dolce.  This is a great espresso.  It is not as subtle or fruit forward as many of the newer trendy espressos that are popular today.  It is, however, easy to enjoy.  I did not want to enjoy it when I first ordered it.  Liking this espresso is a bit like cheering for the Yankees.  They have such a big name that people just assume you are another band wagon fan jumping on board because of the name.

The problem with that is that it tastes good.  It does not require giving up your pride to like it the way certain other big names in coffee might in the coffee world.  

My personal favorite way to pull Dolce is at about 17 grams of coffee and at a very high temperature – perhaps 202 degrees.   I pull it at a ristretto.  This is a slightly smaller dose than Vivace recommends.

One funny thing about this coffee is that you can more or less recognize it instantly from the funnel under it when pulled with a bottomless portafilter.  It seems to gush in a wider funnel than any other coffee (although I have never tested myself to see if I can really tell) .  It produces tons of crema.

The coffee is quite good as it is, but it really shines in milk.  A macchiato up through a cappuccino is great with big chocolaty notes.  

I suppose that it should not be shocking that it shines at its best in milk given that David Schomer has done a lot for making latte art a nation wide phenomenon.

I have really enjoyed it at home and turn to it often.  I would love to get out to one of their shops one day and have it pulled on location and see how their shots compare to mine!

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