What? A new post?!

So this last month has been crazy busy and while I've enjoyed plenty of coffee I haven't had much of a chance to write about it. It's been over a month since my last post.


I finished off the coffee I got from PT’s, and it was good right up until the end. Now I have started in on a Costa Rican coffee that I’ll review in the next few days (spoiler alert: “I like it”). I’ve always liked Costa Rican coffee.


I have a few ideas for upcoming posts. I’ll probably also talk about some cool projects I’ve seen online relating to coffee. Some of which I’m hesitantly excited about and some I’m just confused by.


I’ve got a bit of new content involving my thoughts related to the Aeropress in terms of efficiency (how much time it takes to make coffee) vs. taste. I’ll also try to drag in the Mypressi on that as well. Note that making coffee has made me late to at least three meetings this week...


Someone also wanted to know (I think jbviau?) about my current Aeropress method, so that should tie in neatly with the previous disscussion.


I’ve tried to replace my white chocolate powder with a product that Roaste offers to no avail. So I’m giving up and just sticking with Amazon on this one. I did send Roaste an e-mail and they said they would look into stocking it, so if you’re like me and want to order all coffee stuff through Roaste, you might think about dropping them a line too. I’m sure if more people want it, they’ll be more likely to carry it.


I also need to to start reading the backlog of Roaste blog posts I’ve missed to find out what the best new coffees offered are and what new roasters and items have been added in the last month.


Enough of my rambling. How have you guys been doing? Anything cool happen to you in the last month?

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