Welcome our newest roaster PT's Coffee Roasting!

We're glad to now carry coffee from Roast Magazine's Roaster of the Year for 2009, PT's Coffee Roasting Company!

You have to try them. 

PT's has won more awards than Michael Phelps, and across the board too in many categories and regions. 30 of its coffees have rated 90 or higher ("Outstanding") at CoffeeReview.com which is quite an accomplishment. Many are Cup of Excellence winners too.  

PT's Coffee Roasting

PTs roasts an amazing variety of coffees in Topeka KS including micro-lots, low-caffeine beans, direct trade, fair trade, organic, and many many single origin coffees including single estate.  Sampling their coffees is like being a kid in a candy store. 

PT's roasts to order every day and it will be mixing in our orders with its ambitious roasting schedule.  Co-owner Fred P. says that his roasters start roasting at 4am every day.  Now there's someone in need of a cup of coffee!!

We're starting out with PT's direct trade line.  This is coffee that PT's buys directly from the farm through personal relationships.  It is more profitable for the farmer and the roaster because they've cut out middlemen. 

Let us know what you think of their coffees in the reviews.  We're confident you'll be happy with their coffee because we were too.

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