Wanna save a cool grand?

As I was part of the job search group about a year and half ago now, I still get a lot of those emails from recruiting sites and other professional newsletters. Anyway, today in my email was a link to a study about a spending habits of workers while at work. This study done by Accounting Principles found that people on average spend a thousand dollars a year on coffee while at work.

Now obviously you are not going to be saving any money if you already bring your coffee to work as it is, but if you only bring coffee a few days a week you may want to bring it more often. The great thing about bringing your own coffee besides the fact that it is most likely going to be better than what you are buying you can get more of it!

It was interesting to note that in their study they found that young workers were more likely to spend more than their older counter-parts. I guess this makes sense because when you are young you normally do not have a family to support, not only that but you might not be as smart with your money, espexially if you are use to that 10 dollar a hour intern job. However, does anyone think that perhaps younger workers have been now conditioned on Starbucks? While someone a little older might be use to regular drip more?

Now I guess the topic was a little misleading because if you are not going to be breaking you coffee habit anytime soon then you are going to need to buy more whole bean coffee and probably some equipment. A good drip machine like the Bunn Phase Brew (99) and a Maestro Plus (129) is going to eat into that thousand dollar but its much better than spending that money on bad lattes! 

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