Valentine Myth Buster: Coffee Trumps Flowers and Chocolate

This Valentine’s Day, hold the flowers and brew the coffee! If a recent survey is correct, coffee’s growing popularity has just played havoc with the age-old tradition and trust in flowers and dinner out as the way to win a lover’s heart – on Valentine’s Day or any other day. Indeed, a whopping 32% of 1000 survey respondents checked having morning coffee with their “significant other” as the best way to further a healthy relationship. The tried-and-true gifts of flowers, a meal at the “nicest restaurant in town” or even jewelry received scant votes as the best way to further a healthy relationship, as reported in a press release on behalf of Seattle’s Best Coffee, survey sponsors.

When it comes to struggling relationships, coffee apparently might help; 31% of Americans at least a little unsatisfied in their relationship would prefer to give up their significant other rather than their coffee! If you trust 1000 opinions as a source of inspiration for winning a special someone’s heart, you still have time to revise your Valentine’s Day strategy. The survey’s findings might be even more important for those already in a relationship.

The two key phrases repeated in the press release were “morning coffee” and a “healthy relationship”. Nevertheless, if you’re pursuing a healthy relationship with someone, you might consider some fun ways to enjoy morning coffee with that someone this coming Tuesday. And just because flowers did not get the most votes doesn't mean that combining flowers with coffee won’t multiply the specialness of the occasion. Of course, you know the personality of your special someone, so you know whether or not chocolate would add to the occasion as well. All things considered, make sure you have quality specialty coffee available this coming Valentine’s Day. It’s been said that people should not look down on the small things in life, and this survey seems to reinforce that advice.

If coffee can make or break a relationship, it’s a small thing with a surprisingly big role to play. Brew on, romantically.

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