Using your Auto-Drip manually.

Anyway so today I saw that someone had lost the use of their auto-dripper, and unfortunately it was their only device for brewing coffee. However, one of the best things that a person can have to use to make coffee manually is that auto dripper, it can be used in a few different ways.

So tonight I pulled ou the auto-dripper and decided to make a cup of coffee manually with it. The thing with a auto drip is they have this key feature that is needed for making coffee manually easily, a cone. Not only that but since it's in your auto-machine it tends to be a nice holder and if your cone allows to stop it from pouring into your carafe when you pull it out then you are in luck.

In my case I thought I would outline how to use the auto-dripper to make a Clever Dripper like brew. This involves making a cup of coffee using full immersion coffee then filter through paper.

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So what I like about this method is you don't need a pouring kettle, just a way to heat water, a paper filter, and a cone that stops the flow when the carafe is removed. In this case I just used the method as outlines by Sweet Maria's. In this case I use about 28 grams of coffee per 500 ml of water for 4 minutes..

1. Rinse the filter with hot water, and let it sit to heat up the cone.

2. While that is heating up grind your coffee and get 500 ml of water heated to boiling.

4. Once you water boils, drain your water in the carafe to heat it.

5. Next remember to remove the carafe, dump coffee into rinsed filter and add water. Start timing.

6. At the minute and half mark, stir the grinds.

7. Now at 4 drain the coffee.

8. Enjoy!

Honestly, coffee is an easy beverage to make and you can use a lot of different items in different ways to brew up a cup of great coffee.


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