Turkish Coffee

Kahve, Turkish coffee, was invented by the Turks hundreds of years ago. The unique taste, body, aroma, preparation steps and presentation associated with Turkish coffee lend it a unique identity that is infused with time-honored tradition.   Made with high-quality Arabica coffees from Central America and Brazil, the beans are first blended, then roasted to a medium-light level, and finally ground into an extra-fine grind.  



The steps for making one cup of Turkish coffee are:

  Turkish coffee at Ali-Pasha Istanbul1. Measure water in a small Turkish coffee cup called a fincan (about 1.7oz) and pour it into a small brass cezve, coffeepot.   2. Add two teaspoons of Turkish coffee. The grinds should be much finer than those of espresso so that they will eventually sink to the bottom of the cup.   3. If desired, add up to 2 teaspoons of sugar.   Tip: while making the coffee, keep the fincan filled with hot water so that it remains hot. Empty the cup just before you pour in the coffee.   4. On a small flame, stir for one minute. Then, without stirring, let the coffee come to boil. This should take 3-4 minutes.   5. Pour the coffee into the fincan in one rapid movement so that all the foam is smoothly transferred.   6. Serve with a small cup of fresh water.   7. Take a sip of water to clear the palate and then, once the coffee grinds have sunk to the bottom, slowly, drink the coffee.   8. Don’t drink the coffee grinds at the bottom. These may be used to tell your future. When you have finished your coffee, turn the cup upside down. Wait a few moments to allow the formed coffee patterns to solid and then take a stab at fortunetelling…  

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