This Coffee Beni Is for the Men

Today we’re here to tell about the coffee benefits to men. Coffee does not really discriminate! Newsmax Health ran a report of research at the Harvard School of Public Health which demonstrated a link between drinking of six or more cups of coffee a day and a lower risk of prostate cancer. The risk of a type of deadly prostate cancer was 60% lower than for those non-coffee-drinkers. For any type of prostate cancer the risk was lower by 20%. If the amount consumed was only one to three cups, the risk was 30% lower for the lethal form of cancer. In this study, both decaf and caf coffees were included and it was determined that it didn’t matter at all which the person drank. This shows that the helpful ingredients are most likely in the coffee itself rather than in the caffeine. That points to the antioxidants and anti-inflammatory elements in coffee. Prostate cancer is the most common kind of cancer diagnosed in men in the US, and it’s not always lethal. One in every six men in the US will be diagnosed with prostate cancer. It can be diagnosed early and treated, as 16 million survivors worldwide would tell you. In this study the researchers also noted other risk factors in the lives of the subjects. It was still found that the lower risk in the coffee drinkers remained even after the researchers allowed for other factors that usually heighten risk, and which are usually found more in coffee drinkers than abstainers, such as smoking and failure to exercise. This last statement is a little of a puzzler. While it’s true that many a coffee drinker of old would smoke a cigarette to accompany the coffee, it would seem that the tendency to do so may have been discouraged with all the recent understanding of smoking and cancer links. But there's less of a convenient explanation for why exercise would be less likely among coffee drinkers. With all the extra energy coffee provides, it would seem coffee drinkers would exercise more, not less. Regardless, it’s good news for men that there is such a strong link between drinking six cups of coffee a day and lower likelihood of developing prostate cancer. Oh, while you’re now drinking six cups a day, why not try some of our newest gourmet coffees, three of which are below? Brew on in good health.

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