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I had a rather busy yet unproductive weekend. I drove around with the family getting a few errands done in San Francisco, and took a few longer drives to go out to a few places to eat. All of that car time really adds up, especially when a drive that normally should take 15 minutes, takes closer to 45 minutes. However, that is beside the point.

What all of this driving made me think about is how on every occasion I passed by some really great cafes, but did not enter one. Not because I wasn't craving coffee, but because I was and thought to myself. Hmm why am I going to pay x amount of money when I can make something as good if not better at home. Really at the end of the day all I want is the roasters beans to play around with myself.

I was lucky enough to source a half pound of Sightglass's Owl's Howl Espresso and De La Paz's Mission Blend. The espresso being a brigh variety, starting out with a citrus tang and then easing into a cherry liquor after taste, and the Mission blend being a dark roasted coffee with noticeable amount of a deep dark Sumatran making it's base. Both very good, and both kept me away from those shops and their 3 dollar cups of coffee.

Obviously, I am lucky enough to have good shops around me, and so it makes me wonder for those other out there. Does being able to make a good cup of coffee at home get you to

stay away from coffee shops?

Do you think it saves you money? Personally, I think it comes out about the same. I drink more coffee than I would if I went out and then all of the other things you overlook like cost of time and electricity. But in the end I like getting more bang for my buck so please pass me the pot of coffee instead of just that little 12 ounce cup.

Please check out this blog post about informal reviewers in coffee;

Pretty interesting stuff.

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