The Year in Review (2011)

So, 2011 is six days over, but I just saw this post today about the coffees that James Hoffman drank in 2011 (plus the cool picture) and thought that it might be interesting to revisit what I’ve had the past year.

Anyone who follows my blog posts has already seen the ones that I’ve had since I started blogging for Roaste. The other half were a mystery to you until this moment. Since I started back on my coffee brewing habit in July, I’m sure most of your lists will be much longer than mine. 

Without further rambling, I present the list:

  • 07/02/2011: Coasta Rica Cerro Paldo - Klatch Coffee (First order on

  • 07/15/2011: World’s Best Espresso - Klatch Coffee

  • 07/26/2011: Introduction to Gourmet Coffee Kit 5-Pack - Chazzano Coffee Roasters

  • 08/22/2011: Klatch Belle Espresso Coffee - Klatch Coffee

  • 09/20/2011: Kenya AA Plus NGUVU - Klatch Coffee

  • 10/03/2011: Espresso Nuevo - Paradise Roasters (Started Blogging Here)

  • 10/16/2011: Black Tie Roast - Deep Cello

  • 10/31/2011: Klatch Poizon Blend - Klatch Coffee

  • 11/07/2011: Captain’s Cold Brew - Captain’s Coffee Brewers

  • 11/16/2011: High Jump Roast - Deep Cello

  • 12/11/2011: Black Warrior Riverkeeper Coffee

Total weight of coffee ordered in 2011: 10.125 pounds

Roaster who received most of my money: Klatch Coffee

Favorite Blend: Espresso Nuevo, I also really enjoyed the Kenyan coffee from Chazzano.

Least Favorite Blend: Klatch Poizon Blend. has turned out to be a very cool site, I seriously doubt I’d stuck with brewing at home if it wasn’t for the ease of use and the cool community here. So there you have it, my orders for the year. I’m sure there are many, but do you notice any obvious gaps? Something I just have to try in 2012? Let me know about it.

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