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So I ran out of coffee... yeah it kind of stinks was expecting an order yesterday but it didn't make it, should be here today. Therefore, I found myself in Starbucks this morning at around six.

For whatever reason while I do live within close distance to a lot of good shops all of the ones on my small commute to work dont open before seven. Starbucks however opens at five, so I thought what the heck the coffee at work is truely horrible and a cup of drip from Starbucks with a little half/half is much more desirable. Now there was nothing really remarkable with my coffee, just Pike's Place blend I believe smoky but tamed with the milk, typical mermaid juice.

However, what was a little jaw dropping to me was the order the person ahead of me got, ready...

Venti Mocha Frap, and five shots of espresso!

Now when I was a frequenter of the mermaid on a regular basis my favorite drink was a grande coffee frap with a shot of espresso on top. It just bit through the sugar a little bit. But I cannot imagine how that would taste, nor am I even sure it was actual espresso shots on top. As I have tried to order my order before and they give you an extra pump of frap syurp instead which makes it a nasty bitter drink.

To each their own I guess, but I couldn't help but think of the article a while back about the most expensive Starbucks drink, 23 dollars and change for a trenta abomination with extra shots of all the flavors. An interesting gimmick of using one of those free drink cards, reminded me of a friend in High School that order a pair of kids sock for the play gym at McDonald's and "made it bacon." (It was promotion where they would make anything with 2 strips of microwaved bacon on it)

It just stinks that coffee isn't enjoyed, I mean really the above person it could've saved like 4-5 dollars and just got a red bull or something. I am sure it was because they wanted a caffeine fix. *sigh*

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