The Lack of Coffee

It’s been a while since I’ve wrote a post. I usually try to knock out about 2-3 per week (obviously sometimes I have more to write about and sometimes less), and usually I try to get out a couple of reviews per month, but this time I find myself with a lack of subject.


See, due to some sort of mistake on either the part of a roaster or the post office I find myself without coffee. Roaste was quick enough to fix the error after I inquired about the status of my order, but unfortunately it didn’t happen quick enough that I was able to order more before my previous order ran out. I have of course ordered some new coffee from PT’s, after reading about their return to Roaste a few days back, but until it ships and arrives, I’m left beanless (I did have a K-cup coffee, maybe I’ll write a review on it later). 


So what do you do in this situation? I don’t have a coffee shop close enough to me of any particular high station that I could just walk into it and buy beans. Nor do I really want to gamble with grocery story brands that will more than likely be at least 3-6 months old already (assuming I’m lucky).


I could of course go to some of the local shops and get coffee from there, though it just isn’t quite as good (to me at least) as the coffee I can make at home. Plus it’s quite a bit more expensive if I get anything other than plain black coffee. Overall, I guess I’ve become spoiled by the specialty roasters and getting my coffee 2-3 days after the roast date. I guess maybe I’ll just go cold turkey until I get the new PT’s blend. What else can I do?


I think I’ll go check that order status again...

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