The Krups Gusto – a non review – just questions about evolving tastes, skills, and equipment

The Krups Gusto – a non review – just questions about evolving tastes, skills, and equipment.

My first espresso machine ever was truly a humble one.  It cost $90 because I got it on sale and it was a “Krups Gusto.”  I got it before I knew more or less anything about espresso and I used it with a blade grinder.  At the time I thought it tasted okay when I made espresso with it.  I gave it to a friend years later when I got a La Pavoni lever machine and I almost wish I had not done so.  

I only ever used it with a blade grinder so not even a cheap burr grinder.  I would never dream of trying to make espresso with a blade grinder today so I sure wish I could transport myself back in time and try one of the shots I pulled back then.  

My guess is that it would be both bitter and sour and even more so it would just be underextracted and not very strong.

The machine was supposed to be good for its price range because most machines at that price used steam and not a pump to force water through the puck meaning that they automatically were pulling shots at a temperature above boiling and thus assuring a bitter brew.  This machine with its pump should do better.

When I last used it I had never had a shot of good espresso.  I do not think I had even had a Starbucks espresso, not to mention a high end espresso in the US or an Italian shot of espresso.  

If my friend had not moved out of town I would ask him to bring the machine over one day and we could pair it with a great grinder and see if we could pull what I consider a drinkable shot.  My guess is that I could not, but I would love to find out.

The same goes for the steam.  I would love to know if I could produce well steamed milk with it.  I could not at the time, but now I know a lot more about steaming milk so I do not know how much better I could do now.  I am confident it would not have the power I love, but I bet it would be better at steaming than brewing.

It is fun to wonder.

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