The eagle has landed! the arrival of my first hand grinder!

After a long day of waiting, unexpectedly my Hario mini mill hand grinder has shown up today at my door step! Boy, it is going to be an exciting day! I'm planning to spend today to dial this grinder in and drink a lot of coffee from it and compare its grinding capability to my other grinders such as the Cappresso Infinity that I use mostly for drip type of coffee preparation; or my Baratza Vario that even though I use mostly for espresso does have the flexibility to quickly switch to aeropress grinds; and my Mazzer SuperJolly which I will try to grind course enough for aeropress. It is going to be an interesting comparison, sort of like a David vs. Goliath. 

I'm planning to use some old coffee beans (I always keep some handy for occasion like this :-) to dial in the grind as well as to break in the burrs on this grinder. It will be the first time that I'm going to use a hand grinder so I will report whether it is fast to grind with this grinder and how feasible it is to enjoy coffee with this grinder. So stay tuned!

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