The Decaf Saga begins... and ends?

I wrote previously about needing to find a good decaf coffee due to my wife being pregnant, and due to one of those strange changes of taste from pregnancy she is disgusted by tea. Now while I have had previous experience with decafs I had yet to meet one that I liked, even from other well-known high end roasters, but I think that changed tonight.

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So based largely on the review of Lisa here on Roaste, I took the plunge and ordered Black Tie Decaf coffee. My previous experiences with Deep Cello Roasters has been very positive, and this one did not disappoint. 

However, upon initial inspection of the coffee both my wife and I noted that the blend did not give off a really strong nice aroma like regular coffee. I guess this might be a side effect of decaf process, this coffee was processed via the swiss water method, so based on this we both were a little skeptical of the coffee to be honest. That being said we couldn't wait to try it out and see how it fared brewed.

Now since I did get my Clever Dripper from Deep Cello, I thought what better way to try out their coffee! So I went with a twenty five gram dose in 500 ml, brewed for four minutes and stirred at the minute and half mark. The coffee in the words of my wife was 'yummy.'

If someone had not said this was decaf I would not have known just handed to me. The coffee has a nice chocolate taste with a bit of bright note in the finish. Now the body of the coffee was not nearly as thick as the regular Black Tie, but about what I think is middle of the road. There was no unpleasant after taste or a lack of any taste that I have experienced in the past, very good, I almost want to get it tested for caffeine content just to be sure.

I am really excited to see how this coffee develops over the next few days since it was listed to be best after tomorrow.

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