The Coffee Phenomenon - Part 1

It’s time to take a break from the WBC buzz and focus a bit of energy on the subject of coffee. After all, it’s hard to dispute the fact that coffee has taken on a cult-like following and can even be considered a superpower of its own class. So what exactly makes coffee so alluring?

I have my own theories, but I’m taking a shot in the dark and assuming that you’d rather read about some of the unique historic moments of coffee. So from time to time this blog will give you the ins and outs of a significant moment in the history of coffee.

Coffee Origins in Ethiopia

So what’s on today’s agenda, you ask? Let’s contemplate the origin of coffee itself. Legend has it that if it weren’t for goats, coffee would have been glossed over and we’d be deprived of its powers and influence. And if I get less “extreme”, suffice it to say that thanks to its stimulating effect, coffee became a part of most households.

Now, about those goats… Apparently a shepherd monk in Ethiopia found that the goats he was herding became stimulated after munching on some ripe berries off a plant. As legend has it, this energizing effect was soon explored and the berries were converted into a drink. One thing led to another and these berries were then transported from one place to another until they were spread throughout the world.

So if we believe folklore, it’s thanks to goats that we have coffee. And regardless of lore, it’s a fun fact to think about. But if you know of any more details, please do share!

Now bringing us back to the buzz… The Northeast Regional Barista Competition is convening today, right in New York. Competitions will be going through the 10th so let’s wish all the baristas the best of luck and hope they’re having fun!

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