The Chemex

The Chemex

For lovers of taste and art, the Chemex is now available on  Since its introduction the Chemex has had an interesting life. Praised as a marvel in the 50s and seeing its popularity ebb and flow, this wonder of glass has made a strong comeback after being sidelined by automatic drips by finding a home in trendy cafes, coffee bars, and becoming beloved by the industry and enthusiasts alike. Flavorful, artful, and unique, one could say it has even helped spawn the manual pour craze. If you are debating purchasing your own, there are a few accessories to consider to aid you with your first Chemex pour.

Hario Tea Kettle - I find the Hario a welcome device not just for boiling water but for pouring it. The Chemex can brew great coffee without using a circular pour, but to bring out the best in the cup pouring in a circular motion is key. The long and well designed spout on this kettle aids your efforts significantly.

The Kone - Metal filters are great for the environment and easy to clean up. This design, though it sets you back the amount of another Chemex, is a great replacement for the paper filter.

Paper Filters - Paper filters come in bleached and unbleached varities. I prefer the bleached as the brown "natural" variety leaves an odd taste in the cup. Always prepare your filter by pouring a little water through -before- brewing your cup.

Gram Scale - For the perfect pour and coffee to water ratio, the Chemex fits neatly on a gram scale. Not a necessary item, but ensures a great cup every time.

The Brewing Guide (Intelligentsia) - Finally there is probably the most entertaining and well done instructional video on the internet. Whenever someone asks me, "What's that hourglass on your counter?" I say "Chemex, and watch this video about it." It will aid you in your Chemex coffee perfection and provides an entertaining way of doing it.

Andrew Russo is Captain's Coffee, well, Captain. A former military man sick of terrible coffee, he founded the company with hopes of finding new and unique ways to blend and brew coffees for the enjoyment of everyone. When he is not using his Chemex, he's mixing things like Malabar and Sumatra together and brewing it in a variety of different ways.

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