The Birth of Buddy Brew Coffee

Buddy Brew Coffee is an inspiring roastery and coffee bar that is dedicated to making the best coffee by using carefully sourced beans roasted fresh on-site. Their motto- Brew Good, Do Good- shows their drive to make a positive difference in the world, and they do this by sharing the gift of delicious and fresh coffee with everyone from coffee enthusiasts to coffee novices. But how did an admirable roaster like Buddy Brew get its start?

The owners, Dave and Susan Ward, started this brand almost unintentionally. The story goes that Dave gave his wife Susan a coffeemaker as one of the first gifts when they were dating, and they both became obsessed with the inner workings of the coffee world. And so began Dave and Susan’s long and exhilarating journey following their passion for coffee. They went to cafes around the world and tried every kind of coffee they could find, but it ultimately led them to one conclusion- nothing could beat the taste of coffee made from freshly roasted beans.

Staying true to the adventurous and bold couple that they are, Dave and Susan started roasting their own beans and sharing them with friends, which is where their Brew Good, Do Good mentality really set in. The response from their friends about their coffee was overwhelmingly positive, so Dave and Susan decided it deserved a worthy name- Buddy Brew, after their beloved dog Buddy. And the Buddy Brew Coffee brand was born.

Dave and Susan bought a Diedrich IR-7 commercial roaster and began roasting beans in their garage, and they started their online business. They opened their first roastery and coffee bar in Tampa, Florida in 2010 with just one other employee, and suddenly a small family-owned business grew into a local sensation.

Today, Buddy Brew Coffee is still focusing on brewing good and doing good. Along with running their coffee bar in Tampa, Buddy Brew continues to freshly roast their beans on-site and share this amazing coffee revelation with the world.

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