Still in its Prime

Still in its Prime

I blogged just before I signed up for Prime about what a great idea it seemed like to me.  Then I signed up for it and now I have been using it for a while and there is no doubt I love it.  The links to Prime and my previous blog can be found here...


I did get sucked in by Amazon’s very expensive prime option a year or so ago and it changed the way I shopped.  The fact that everything had free shipping and that everything came in 2 days (or next day for a small fee) and that everything came from a trusted source made it hard to beat.  I can now get things more quickly most of the time than I can in person because it is hard to find the time to get to the store. offers the free shipping.  It does not expedite the shipping, but that would be a silly feature to add since the coffee gets here before it is ready to be used – why would I care if the coffee got here on day 1 or day 3 if it only starts to get good on day 6 (this, of course, varies by coffee).  But free shipping is a big deal.  I have gotten to send friends presents – good coffee that I would have never sent them if I had to pay shipping for each bag.

I also have more often I am ashamed to admit sent myself coffee.  Just yesterday I thought about what I wanted to drink and Prime changed the answer.  Instead of trying coffees I have already had I decided to try two new coffees from two different roasters.  When you take a bag of coffee that is $12-14, say, shipping can be a huge added cost if you are trying out someone new.  I am, for example, buying a bag of Deep Cello for the first time.  I expect it to be good – they have good reviews on, but if I’d had to buy 5 pounds to make shipping reasonable I would almost certainly have gone back to one of my old standards.  Instead I am excited to be getting a new coffee.  Add in the prospect ebeans for reviewing it, together with lots of good reviews already logged for a roaster on Roaste and it is hard not to try new coffees!  

I also needed coffee filters and instead of buying a $2.50 set of filters and paying $5 in shipping I got shipping for free and considered it a steal.  

There are even more things I’d love to see on Roaste , for example Grindz is hard to find locally and shipping is usually as much as a container.  If it were available on Roaste, I’d order it tomorrow.  In fact I’d probably order 2 because a friend wants some and I’d love to buy it for him if I did not have to pay such a premium for shipping.  

Now back to dreaming about what the next new coffee I will order using Prime will be (although truth be told I think it is indeed time to revisit a few of my old favorites first)!  

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