Simpler times with the french press

Last night I found myself nostalgic for a time when there were no tracking of packages; I was anxiously waiting for my package of a Clever Dripper and Deep Cello coffee. The problem was in the morning UPS said it was out for delivery and it was nearing seven and I had given up. I mean it's seven PM.

Missing my package it reminded me of a better story and time when there were no tracking labels. I was in junior high and I had a shipment of cds from a cd club coming sometime. Anyway at about 6 o'clock after our mail had been delievered the mail man pulls up and hands me the package saying she had forgotten to drop it off and thought her daughter would've killed her if she hadn't got her package of cds on time. Now I was very greatful, but I remember thinking that she didn't have to do that because well... I didn't know it was suppose to get to me today.

I really wished at 7 last night I didn't know it was suppose to come.

Now speaking of simpler times, I really like this way of making a french press.

1. Bring you water to boil and grind your coffee coarse drip.

2 Put your coffee in the bottom of your press.

3. Once your water is boiling take it off the head for thirty seconds

4. In a steady pour your water over the coffee and let it steep, do not stir

5. Take two spoons and in one motion take the crust off the top and discard.

6. Press your coffee and pour!

What I find this does is really takes away some of the murkiness that is associated with a french press. It makes the coffee much more nuanced and is the only way that I make my french press now. As always adjust your ground coffee and water depending on the size of your press!

Lastly, after having given up at 7:30 taking the garbage out the package from Deep Cello is sitting by door, it seems like the UPS driver found the coffee in the back and said to himself, "I would kill myself if it didn't get delivered my coffee for my morning cup!" And boy am I glad he came back in this case!

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