Shake Off the Summer Heat!


Congratulations JILL24295 for taking home the 1st place! 

The winners are as follows:

1st Place – Congratulations Jill! (JILL24292)

2nd Place – Congratulations Stephanie! (SSNOVA66)

3rd Place (tie) – Congratulations Shannon & Joshua! (ORGANICMAMA & JBVIAU)

Check out the rest of the recipes submitted by our users for the contest!

1. ABonita - Summer Coffee Egg Cream 18. jill24295 - White Chocolate Iced Coffee
2. Sugaravery1982 - Ice Cream Coffee Swirl 19. jlaneme - Iced Tiramisu Coffee
3. cfwhittie - Espresso and Brown Sugar Panna Cotta 20. joyfulacres9 - Yummy Low Sugar Chocolate Coffee
4. cherylb714 - Espresso Thin Mint Granita 21. julienco5 - Julie's Grownup Popsicles
5. CoffeeMonkey - Cappuccino Shake 22. jzimmer - Summer Americano
6. ddroz - Fat-Free Iced Coffee Soda 23. Lisa - Camping Cold Brew Iced Coffee
7. DebbiB - Thoughts of Autumn Spice Coffee 24. Old-World-Cafe - Coffee Cremosa
8. EricBNC - Iced Caramelita 25. OrganicMama - Nutty White Mocha Iced Coffee
9. Fetherolf - Ice Cream Scoop Coffee  26. Paminvegas - Ice Coffee for the Busy Mommy
10. forhisglory58 - Iced Caramel or Chai Coffee 27. ruthdanekas - Yummy Gelato
11. Gazy - Coffee Slush 28. screader - Iced Coffee Slush
12. geoffbeier - Summer Coffee Recipe 29. Sincerelyyours - Dolce Creme Ice Coffee
13. geofield - Iced Coffee (a "green" recipe) 30. ssnova66 - Chocolate Milano Iced Coffee
14. Handsandhart - Chai Spiced Iced Coffee 31. stephen.rhinehart - Iced Coffee with Lime
15. InBru - Chocolate Peppermint Iced Coffee 32. Suzie - Ice Cubed Coffee
16. infoDCC - Vanilla Chill 33. szaychek - Delicious Iced Coffee
17. jbviau - Dulce de Leche Affogato Iced Lattei 34. XPRZZO - Caffe Shakerato

Just for a reminder, here's what's going on...

Contest Rules:

Phase 1

Between July 5 - July 26, we collected your favorite coffee recipes.

    Phase 2

    On July 28, we published all the recipes on our site and then your work really began!

    All the recipes that were submitted are in our recipe section.

    Vote for your favorite (and best) recipe, by clicking the "LIKE" button of that recipe.

    The recipes with the most "LIKEs" will win...

    Voting will stay open between July 28 - August 14 (through 11:00 PM EST) and the Top 3 recipes will win the grand prizes.

    Winners will be announced on Monday, August 15, 2011.

    • 1st Place - Hario V60 Ice-Coffee Maker Fretta + iSi Profi Pint Whip Creamer + 3 Flavoring Syrups
    • 2nd Place - Hario V60 Ice-Coffee Maker Fretta + 3 Packs Paper Filters + Ryan's 6-Pack Coffee Concentrate
    • 3rd Place - Hario V60 Ice-Coffee Maker Fretta + 3 Months Free Coffee

    The Terms

    • To participate, you must be registered on
    • Recipes must be original works of the applicant, no copyright infringements will be accepted
    • Recipe submissions are subject to Coffee Kind Testimonial, Reviews, Comments, Communications and Other Content Terms & Conditions
    • Voting is submitted via clicking on the "LIKE" button of the published recipes
    • We reserve the right to substitute the original prize (or that part of the prize) with an alternative prize to the equal monetary value and/or specification, unless to do so would be prohibited by law
    • In the case of a tie the winning prize will be given to the person who sent in their recipe first

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