Same Coffee Different Roasters

Right now I have headed my way from AJ's Coffee a bag of Musasa Coop. I really enjoyed the previous coffee that I had gotten from AJ's and the description looked very enticing, "clean, juicy mouthfeel, sugar sweetness, cherries, dark fruit." Sound good right? Well I ordered it, and then it hit me like a sack of bricks, I've seen this coffee around.

I am sure there are a few more roasters out there that have this coffee in their line-ups right now, but thought it would be interesting to compare the tasting notes that each of these roasters give it, and then hopefully get the chance to try it from some of them in addition to AJ's.

Red Bird Coffee

"The most striking feature of this coffee when we cupped it is its sweetness. The dry grounds smelled unmistakably candy-like, with the wet grounds taking on more of a lemon/fruit tart quality. Medium bodied, pleasantly acidic, mildly chocolaty, nicely balanced, with a sweet and lightly floral aroma in the cup"

Handsome Coffee Roasters

"Tobacco, Brown Sugar, Graham, Black Tea with a Citrus Sweetness."

Four Barrel Coffee

"Fragrances of apricot blossom and lemon introduce a syrupy cup of guava, gingerbread, raspberry, and heavy molasses. Imagine the dessert course at fancy a Forth of July picnic, full of sweetness and hints of fireworks."

It is going to be easiest for me to get the coffee again from Four Barrel since they are local to me and there are some shops within reasonable driving distance that serve them. However, I am pretty interested in seeing how Red Bird roasts this coffee since I only really know them for their espresso blend, and perhaps their light roasts are a little darker than the others on this list.

While I really appreciate the uniqueness that comes when roasters are able to source direct trade coffees with farmers, it's also nice to see coffees like this that come from a specific co-op in a country. The reason being that you are able to see a different take on what should be the same quality coffee.

If anyone else has an experience with this coffee let me know!

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