In one of the newest news stories here on Roaste I could not help to notice the link of a S.O espresso by Paradise roasters at the bottom of the page, India Sitara. The real interesting thing about this espresso blend is that it's 100% R-O-B-U-S-T-A?!?!?

I am very surprised to see this offering, and at the same time to be very intrigued with it. Mainly because I have had really good experience with the other offerings that I have tried by Paradise Roasters, Espresso Classico and Espresso Nuevo, and their tasting notes were pretty spot on what I tasted. And so here are the tasting notes of India Sitara;

"this robusta coffee has a delightful nose of vanilla, honey, maple syrup, and nuts. In the cup, it is full-bodied with a pleasing, rounded acidity and long, heavy finish. "

Doesn't sound too bad to me and it's suppose to well in milk, no surprise there!

The reason why this offering is so surprising is because Robusta is suppose to be mainly low quality filler coffee. It's a robust plant that does well in areas where other coffee plants (Arabica) cannot grow or do well at. However, this robust nature normally comes at the price of flavor normally giving a bitter coffee at worst and at best just bland. There is also the distinction that it has a higher caffeine content.

There are times when robusta is used in good coffee, must typically it is used as espresso, but only in small amounts. The reason why roasters like Vivace use a bit of robusta in a blend is to give it a little bit of kick, and it is also known for producing a lot of crema, which can be a good thing if you are pouring milk drinks and want a nice canvas for your latte art.

This blend has me so intrigued that I am really thinking about picking it up just to test it out, but at the same time am a little skiddish about picking it up because I have cut down on my milk drinks and don't really feel like going back at the moment. It just seems like it would be a horrible waste if I get and don't want to drink it...

Anyone out there have an experience with this coffee? I would really like to hear it!

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