Resolve to Enjoy Your Coffee More in 2014

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    Great coffee doesn't just happen. It takes a conscious effort to source the best coffees, store them safely and brew them properly to bring out all the flavor nuances available in the cup. And while all that may sound complicated, it doesn't have to be. These five New Year's resolutions will ensure that you'll enjoy every cup of coffee you drink in the coming year.  
2014 Coffee Resolutions
  1. Try a new coffee each month. There's a lot to be said for finding the perfect coffee, but just as there's no one perfect wine for every occasion, there are many perfect coffees waiting to be discovered.
  2. Try a new brewing method each month. Different methods of brewing bring out different qualities in your coffee. Experiment with your favorite blends to try all the flavors they can deliver.
  3. Clean your coffee equipment regularly. Every cup of coffee you brew leaves behind a reminder in your brewer -- coffee oils that can stick around and contaminate your next cup of coffee. Regular cleaning of all your brewing gear ensures that the only thing you'll taste in your cup is the coffee you've just brewed.
  4. Develop your coffee palate. Do you know that researchers have discovered more aromatic compounds in coffee than are found in wine? There are many ways to develop your palate, from coffee cupping to vertical tasting and various tasting exercises. Turn them into social events and have fun while you learn more about the flavors found in great coffee.
  5. Learn more about the coffee you enjoy. Coffee is a fascinating subject beyond its flavors. Try to spend some time each month learning about your favorite luxury -- where it comes from, how it affects your health and how it touches many lives on its way to your mug.
  In the coming days, weeks and months, we intend to spend more time enjoying our coffee, and helping you enjoy yours more. Look for our special posts and articles on getting to know your coffee better and expand your coffee horizons.   Follow Coffee Kind's board Coffee Infographics on Pinterest.  

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