Rainbow Grocery - SF, CA

This morning my wife wanted to venture over to Rainbow Grocery in San Fansico to get a few things that while we could get over on our side of the bay would require a few stops. So a bridge toll and about 15 minute drive we found ourselves at the grocer as their location is pretty close to the freeway. The store is pretty amazing, just think of Whole Foods, but much much better in almost every conceivable way that makes Whole Foods a nice grocery store.

One of the nice things about the store is their really large coffee selection from a lot of the roasters in the Bay Area. It's pratically like a real life version of Roaste, except that you have to deal with city parking and all of the other people just trying to make their way.

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As you can see they have quite a large selection and that is only about half of it. Among the roasters there is Ritual, Four Barrel, Sightglass Coffee, Taylor Maid, De La Paz, Stumptown and I am not even getting them all those are just the ones from the picture and that I can remember.

One of the really nice things about this particular grocer is not only the large selection but they are pretty serious about their coffee here. If you browse their website they have a whole section called "Coffee 101" which gives some basic facts on coffee and tips for storing coffee. Also in the store they mark down the old coffee to sell so other than the Lavazza there wasn't anything really really old I saw.

If that wasn't enough, all of the bulk coffee that you see is also some of those roasters at the price per pound being equal to that of 12 ounce bags that you can buy below. So while you don't get the nice packaging that these roasters produce you get their coffee at a reduced price that I really appreciate.

However, since I am insanely spoiled and can get most of those roasters at either a cafe close to my home or at another grocer I picked up a coffee I normally cannot get... Stumptown Hairbender. So a nice treat to myself and I hope I haven't made too many of you jealous, okay well I kinda hope I did.

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