PT's Bolivia - Juan Yujra

I'm ready to say that PT's is my favorite ROASTe roaster. If Ecco were still offered, my answer would be different, but of those roasters currently offered, PT's delights me most. I've ordered "light" roasts from them, but they seem more like medium roasts to me. What acidity there is is subdued, and tones of sugar and nut abound. Their Burundi tasted like maple-nut cereal to me, and their current Bolivian offering tastes like Honey-Nut Cheerios. 

PT's describes the coffee thus: "notes of roasted hazelnuts and brown sugar. The smooth, buttery cup rounds out to a delicate and refreshing sweetness of melon as the coffee cools."

What intrigued me most was "hazelnuts." I love hazelnuts, especially when paired with chocolate. I blended this 50/50 with Klatch's cocoa-inflected Salvadorean Carrizal, hoping to achieve Nutella in the cup. No such luck, but delicious nonetheless.

Early on, I tasted something like melon. Honeydew specifically, and now that note reads as honey. There's nuttiness from the roast, although it's most like almond to me if I had to be specific. Really, it's just a generic kind of nuttiness, and when combined with the honey -- Honey Nut Cheerios! I like the playfulness of PT's. Each one of their coffees has reminded me of a childhood flavor.

Something else I like about this coffee is its hardiness. It's still tasting vibrant even two weeks post roast, and this is not a coffee that was ever showy to begin with. It's common for something as garish as a berrylicious Ethiopian natural (I had PT's Fruity-Pebbles of a coffee, their natural Ardi, a while ago) to be great, perhaps even better than it was at first because more subdued, a couple weeks or even a month post-roast. It's impressive that a more subtle coffee such as this has remained delicious all the while.

I recommend this coffee as heartily as I recommend PT's generally.

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