Product review the Jennings pocket scale.

Product review the Jennings pocket scale. 

I love this little scale.  I use it many times a day and not just for coffee.  It has a few great features.  The model I have in mind is the Jennings JS150V and it goes for $16.90 which if I am not mistaken is at least $10 less than I paid for it.  Now it is absolutely true that you can get a scale that is cheaper still.  There is a ubiquitous barista scale that runs about ten dollars shipped from China.  Believe me I am quite familiar with that one and I once paid eight dollars for one that was shipped to me all the way from Hong Kong.  It amazed me since the shipping must have been most of that eight dollars.  My big issue with that one is that I have now bought four of them in three years and in case you did not guess all four have died in that time period.  No, I did not forget that they use things called batteries.  That was not the problem they were all truly dead.  You truly do get what you pay for – they must have sacrificed reliability to make it cheaper. 

Now I cannot promise that the Jennigns will not break.  I only know that mine has not broken after a year of intense use and neither has the one a friend uses who has had it a little longer (he recommended it to me because things that do not last drive him crazy).

There is another feature that I love about it.  It displays the weight in two sets of units at the same time.  For me I have grams as my primary measurement and ounces as a secondary one.  This is great because I measure my basket in grams every day, but I often want to measure things in ounces, too.  For example, if I pour a bourbon or other hard drink I use the scale to measure ounces instead of a jigger.

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