Pouring Kettle (Bonavita)

There are some things that once you get them you cannot live without them. One of those things for me was about a year and half ago when I got an electric kettle. Prior to that I was using a stove top kettle for most of my hot water needs, but once it started falling apart, I picked up an electric kettle.(the Martha Stewart line at Macy's is trash everything my wife and I got has fallen apart)

The electric kettle is a very nice thing to have as it just requires filling with water and in about five minutes you have boiled water and you never have to worry about it. After being able to use this for making coffee or tea you will never want to go back. And personally I would recommend getting one with a detachable base as it just works so nice and the one that my mother-law has without the detachable base is a little awkard. I know the electric kettle doesn't sound like a big deal but it is.

Now I had been wanting a pouring kettle for a long time, as I could never get the pour right in my Melitta cone, I would always end up gushing water at some point. However, one of my biggest complaints with the other kettles out there was that I would either have to use the stove to heat the water or pour from my electric kettle into the pouring kettle. I am a bit lazy and this was not very pleasing to me.

So I had been really excited when I heard about the Hario electric Bruno pouring kettle  however, it has yet to be released. Then about a month ago I saw this blog here by Eric on roaste talking about his Bonavita electric kettle and I knew I had to have it. While I would've gotten it on the spot I knew Christmas was coming so I held off and let someone else do the buying...

http://my.counterculturecoffee.com/coffees/images/48_BONAVITA.jpg" width="250" height="175" />

I have been very happy with this kettle over the past few days that I have gotten to use it, features everything I love about the electric kettle with the ease of use and speed of boiling, but can pour easily at a constant rate. After being able to make a few cone fulls of coffee I can say that this is another one of those things that you cannot see yourself going back to a normal kettle afterwards.

The act of being able to pour slowly over the course of a few minutes has made keeping the amount of water in the cone at the same level very easy. I have had some of the best coffee out of my cone the past few days and now really see why people like doing the manual pour over.

The best part about the Bonavita is the price at fifty dollars it's the same price as the Hario Bruno, but offers the convience of electric kettle. For those of you that might not care about the ease of use of the electric kettle it's only thirty for the non-electric version.

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