Pour some sugar on me.

Pour some sugar on me...

I read a post by Chris Tacy (who writes the blog godshot) where he commented that he and some friends who were also coffee enthusiasts had pulled a shot of Dolce, created a macchiato, and added some sugar to it and that many of them agreed that they would happily drink that coffee every day.  

This surprised me a little bit because I think I am not alone in the world of coffee snobs in being biased against adding sugar to coffee.  I recognize that this is silly since sweetness is a desired thing in coffee and so adding sugar is a reasonable thing to do and arguably might allow for better coffee because the coffee could be roasted to bring out other traits and the sweetness could come from sugar yielding a more complex coffee than one where sugar is not added so all the sweetness needs to come from the coffee itself.

Anyway, this morning I split my shot creating one cappuccino and one macchiato.  I added a little sugar to the macchiato.  It was in truth not very much sugar, just as much as fits on a baby spoon – perhaps a heaping baby spoon, but not a teaspoon full, for example.  It certainly was nothing like what many Italians do when they they are drinking their coffee dumping in multiple packets of sugar at the bar.  

The taste to me was a shock.  If you like candy coffee that is exactly what this was.  It was the sweetest coffee drink I have ever had.  To get a brewed cup this sweet it would take a ton of sugar (perhaps not even be possible since it would only dissolve so much).  I think it was a combination of the steamed milk, which is itself sweet, the sugar, and the coffee, which is, after all, named “dolce” which means sweet in Italian.

I preferred my cappuccino because this was too sweet for me, but I will try it again and drop the sugar down quite a bit, but if you are someone who likes small but intense sweet things, this drink is for you.

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