Parisi Roasters Don't Tell

Mention imported artisanal foods in Kansas City Missouri and many locals will think of the Paris family. Known for their importing of specialty foods, they have one of the largest temperature-controlled green coffee storehouses in the US. Five years ago they put their skills into roasting the best coffee and they’ve succeeded in taking coffee roasting to a higher level of craftsmanship.

At Parisi Coffee, the secret roasting technique is just part of the pursuit of perfection. The company starts out by importing only select premium specialty grade Arabica green beans, many of  which are certified either Fair Trade, Organic or by their own standard, Eco World Family Farm. Parisi is ahead of its class in creating this distinct certification which honors “Family tradition in production of heirloom, heritage or artisan products; Commitment to the highest level of quality; Commitment to social and environmental sustainability.

Parisi specializes in single origin coffees, makes excellent full-bodied blends and espressos, and features decafs which are processed only through the chemical-free water process. The only thing Parisi will say about its roasting technique is that the roasting is done slowly in small batches in a drum roaster, supervised by a master artisan roaster." height="240" width="180" />

“Our secret roasting technique preserves the precious flavor tones of our coffees of origin, while caramelizing them into a euphoric taste experience. No two coffees are the same, so we roast them each in their own special way. There is nothing "automated" or "factory-like" about our roasting. This is a true craft.”" height="240" width="180" title="after roasting in Parisi's drumroaster, beans cool" alt="after roasting in Parisi's drumroaster, beans cool" />

Parisi will go as far as adding that they make small adjustments to the dial to change the roast curve to accentuate the positives of the beans’ origins. This either increases or diminishes the unique qualities they've charted from their cuppings. How they figure this out, only the master roaster knows.

The excellence of Parisi coffees are no secret though. Here is a review by a ROASTe member:
5 Star user review: "On my quest to find and try out new espresso blends, I discovered Parisi espresso roasters here on ROASTe. Curious as I am, I ordered all four blends available, ...Pure awesomeness!"

These are the four Parisi coffee blends ROASTe is happy to feature:

Parisi Espresso Coffee Siciliano, a southern Italian blend

Espresso  Parisi Coffee Blend, Parisi’s flagship blend

Parisi Espresso Coffee Decaf, a mellower decaf version of Espresso Parisi

Parisi Espresso Roma Coffee, an espresso with a central Italian influence

Experience the master roaster’s secret and order one of ROASTe’s Parisi espressos today. We can deliver an Italian to your door in just a few days.  The roaster is preparing to roast your beans right now – can you smell it?

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