P.T.'s Southpaw Espresso

I was really excited to see P.T.'s back here on Roaste, about two weeks ago and took no time to make an order with them. P.T.'s is one of those roasters that is held in high regard and so it's great to be able to pick up some of their coffees here. That being said I immediately went for Southpaw Espresso.

I picked up Southpaw Espresso largely because I remembered when it was first introduced into their line up about a year ago. The profile on the coffee really piqued my interest and I guess it just stayed there floating in the ether that is my memory until I saw it here and decided to pick it up.

The shipping was fast and it was packed nicely in a box. I ordered it on aThursday and got it on the following Monday. So it's nice to see that the shipping from them is quick.

Since I just got a new auto-brewer I really put the blend through it's paces in that. I was very pleased considering that it's an espresso blend to find that I really enjoyed it as drip. The coffee was pretty interesting with an almost candy blue berry sort of taste with a sweet finish. Overall, very enjoyable and actually would;ve used it more as a drip if I didn't have another coffee at the time that wasn't well suited for espresso.

However, it is an espresso blend and I found it really did shine here. The blend also seemed to be very forgiving. I dosed it at about 18 grams and stopped my shots at about the 30 gram mark. I found that I got some widly different shots with it depending on how fine I ground the coffee. When I pulled it a little on the tight side say around the 30 second mark I got a bright buttery espresso, really nice finish. This was about what I was expecting when I picked this coffee up but...

I accidently pulled it a little loose after switching from drip at about the twenty second mark and got a remarkably different shot. It was straight milk chocolate goodness, the acidity faded away and you were left with some that was down right decadent. Best of both worlds as far as I am concerned.

As you might be able to tell I really liked this blend, and can imagine that I will be picking it up again, and again. Highly recommended.

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