Oh bother... bad coffee this morning.

It's a Tuesday after a three day weekend, and this morning I found myself taking the first drink of coffee in the car as I drove off and it was bad... real bad. I had this sneaking impression that it might not be so good when I smelled the coffee aroma coming off the Clever Dripper I used this morning, but being in the morning rush didn't think about tasting it first.

The coffee I was brewing this morning was the robusta single origin from Paradise Roasters, which has been pretty good as an espresso, but seems to me it's disgusting in other types of brewing. I have not tossed it in the auto drip yet, but based on the woody nasty taste I got this morning not sure if it ever will.

So this morning was the rare occasion that I was at work with no coffee, and if I know I have no coffee at home I will stop by Catahoula, my very local roaster, on my way to work to get a quick cup. However, even tho I had that first sip I thought rather illogically that it would get better or at least being able to stomache it. Sadly that was not the case.

With no coffee, and being back from a long weekend, I did the unthinkable, I went down to my buildings cafe to get a cup of coffee. My choices for drip were, Vanilla, Decaf Vanilla, Hazenut, French Roast, and Columbian Supremo. As you can see flavoring is a pretty big hit in my building, I don't like coffee that are named for their roast level so I went with the Columbian.

The coffee was bland and watery like what a person might get if they were trying to stretch out that last bit of coffee for two days when they only have enough for one. Other than that it wasn't too bad even added a bit of cream to it for good measure just in case.

I really did want to have coffee this morning and am glad that I got my watery milky cup of brew, it's really weird how ingrained coffee is in the culture that me and a few hundred other people in my building will stomach that coffee on any given morning just to have that social cup of coffee.

Anyone around here gulp down a cup just to get that warm liquid feeling in the morning if they are caught off gaurd?

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